September 26, 2022

Her Story. Interactive documentary

Interactive documentary

Of all the possible “weird formats”, Her Story has chosen a completely unique one today – cut into pieces, an interactive fictitious documentary about a strange police investigation. Is it interesting?

The format that I described above fully describes the game – there really is practically nothing here, except for the video archive, by which you can search for keywords for individual pieces of interviews with the main character of the story. What saves the utter boredom of such limited options is a really well-written story and great acting. The story itself here captivates with the atmosphere of documentaries about events not fully explained. When everyone knows that something has happened, but either there are no explanations that are true enough, or, as in the case of this story, there are several explanations, all of which seem equally correct, despite the fact that they simply cannot coexist together . Adding to this an interactive element and the fact that the player will recognize events not in chronological order of the narrative, but in fragments from different pieces, we get a truly unique experience that I have not seen in other games.

Yes, some things seem more uncomfortable than they should. Yes, it’s a very small game with very few interactive elements. Yes, it’s a little stressful when you already understand all the main explanations of events and the big picture, and understand the “plot twists” in advance (which don’t try very hard to be), but you want to know all the pieces of the puzzle, because this can become very boring. . Yes, the scriptwriter of the game, who previously wrote a good Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, is a little self-repeating in some things. And yes, many people can safely skip this game, because it is clearly not for everyone. But, I’m glad for the 3 hours I spent in front of the virtual CRT monitor of the Her Story video archive. If you also want to try it, I just recommend not to “cheat” to watch the video in chronological order at least until the credits, the story is much more interesting when the pieces of the puzzle are added in your head from random ends.

Interactive Documentary as a Media Project Format: Current State and Development Trends PDF

The chapter “Multimedia projects as a phenomenon of modern Internet journalism” considers theoretical provisions that describe different formats of multimedia media projects, such as long read, multimedia story, interactive documentary. From the variety of formats, the subject of the study is singled out: interactive documentaries,
published in RuNet. In addition, an algorithm for the complex analysis of a media product of this format has been developed.
In the chapter “Interactive Films in Runet” a formal and substantive description of four interactive documentaries is given. Their comparative analysis was made, on the basis of which conclusions were drawn about the current state and development trends of a new format of multimedia media projects.