June 19, 2024

Front end developer. All the details of work

What is a frontend developer?

A whole team is working on creating a web resource. Along with a web designer, layout designer and SEO specialist, a frontend developer also works.

A frontend specialist (frontend-developer) is a person who creates that part of the Internet service that is presented to the site guest.

Everything that the user sees on the site or in the application – menus, images, ads, buttons, product cards, filters, pointers – is the work of a front-end specialist.

His activity is one of the most important in terms of website promotion.

After all, it is a beautiful interface, understandable content of a web resource, convenient functionality, interesting interactive and animated elements that can delay the reader.

What does

The frontend interacts closely with other site creators.

At the beginning of the work, the web designer gives him the layouts of the Internet resource, which become the foundation of the future site.

Having laid the backbone, the frontend developer begins to work out and create an external shell that visitors to the service see.

If the layout provided by the designer does not fit the idea of ​​the site or does not meet all the requirements, the frontend specialist can fix the inaccuracies himself and refine it to the ideal.

In addition, the main responsibilities include:

  1. Website design layout. The purpose of this step is to create the structure of the HTML page, the elements of which will match those on the designer’s layout. Elements can be buttons, pictures, text, etc. To work, you will need not only HTML, but also CSS.
  2. Regulation of site functionality: debugging buttons, keys, forms for filling in personal data, feedback fields, comment forms, sliders, photo galleries. The frontend can create its own program (script) or take a ready-made one.
  3. Checking the functioning of all interface elements, testing them and refining them if necessary.

After transferring the work done to the customer, the front-end can continue to cooperate with him:

  1. Gives recommendations and advice on the implementation and optimal operation of a particular option on the site.
  2. Optimizes scripts to make the site load faster.
  3. Creates templates for CMS.

The entire responsibility for matching the design layout and the final result of the web page lies with the front-end developer.He is responsible for ensuring that in each browser the site looks equally attractive to visitors.

Basic tools for work

Frontend developer is not the easiest position. And universal tools will simplify the work of a specialist and become an indispensable assistant for him.

They will allow him to automatically perform complex and repetitive work, increase labor productivity :

  1. We have already touched on HTML. In simple terms, it is a machine language for communicating with search engines.
  2. CSS is a language that describes the appearance of elements on web pages.
  3. JavaScript is a programming language in which libraries of ready-made applications (scripts) are written. It is the most important for frontend developers.
  4. jQuery is a library that is needed to create animation details and online application forms.
  5. Photoshop – used to separate the layouts sent by the web designer into its component parts.
  6. Template engines – allow you to use data to create final html pages in dynamic mode.